11.03.13Guitar Duos, Guitar & Vocal Duos at the Tabard!

Every Monday in November, I will be hosting a duo in the cozy listening room at the Tabard Inn.

Nov 4: Steve Abshire joins me on guitar. In memory of the late Dick Morgan.

Nov 11: Lena Seikaly sings

Nov 18: Steve Herberman. That 13 strings between us!

Nov 25: Lena Seikaly sings

03.22.13New Group

I'm really excited about a new group that I've been involved with for about a year now.
It's called the MARS 4tet- Nothing to do with planetary fixations mind you- although we could go there- but rather, an acronym for the members of the group. Max Murray on bass, Jeff Antoniuk on Saxophone, Frank Russo on drums, and the "S"is me on guitar...
The group's focus is on jazz from the 60's to the present, with leanings more toward the 'modern' (whatever that means) and a healthy dose of originals, penned by myself and Jeff Antoniuk.
We have a blast playing together and usually bring some needed irreverence and humor to our sets!

Please check the schedule section or visit the MARS link to see upcoming shows.


Hello to all. My new site is up- hope you enjoy it!
At last I'll have some periodic updating capabilities with the new host arrangement.
It will allow for easier navigation and communication, a downloadable press kit (see downloads button), links- and of course, way too many photos...

It all begs the question-
How did Beethoven ever make it so big without a facebook, myspace, or twitter-blogging website, anyway?

Skype or text message your answer... (Joking!)